Dec 16, 2010

Mug Rugs

Thought I'd post an example of the "mug rugs" I made for Christmas presents. Although this is going to someone who reads my blog, she won't know it's for her until she gets it, right?

Mug rugs are little quilts to be used as a coaster for your favorite mug, with room for a little snack. Somewhere between a coaster and a placemat!

I found it easiest to buy the MUG first, then match fabric from my stash. The sizes range from 5 x 7 to 6 x 9, just depending on how it went together as I sewed it. It's unusual for me to do anything "free form" but I found that was the fun part of doing these. However the squares/rectangles went together was the way it ended up. Quilting them was just plain fun. Again, no plan - just whatever happened, happened, and was fine.

Here are links to tutorials on "mug rugs". But seriously, just think "little quilt" and do it whatever way feels right and looks good with the mug you've chosen! Just like a quilt, you use pieced top, batting (I used low loft wool) and backing, then binding.


Karen said...

Very cool that the fabric matches the mug!

Joyce said...

I how you matched the mug to your design. I plan on making these for the girls in the car pool.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love your mug rug. And yes it is a good idea to get the mug first :-D

branded mugs said...

really nice your rug so cute.i like it.