Dec 15, 2010

Mr. B's first Christmas Program (and dress shirt)

Mr. B. is growing up, as evidenced by his very first "dress shirt" for his very first preschool Christmas program. Once he was dressed (and already feeling very grown up), we noticed that he and Jeff (still dressed from work) had on the exact same outfit. But Mr. B was quick to point out it wasn't quite the same - he needed a pen in his pocket!

Then we were off to his first Christmas program (without pen). If you watch the video, after a few seconds you will hear one very loud, slightly flat singing voice -- that's my grandson! He was all about the singing - until his jingle bell broke towards the end, then he was all about fixing it.

If you don't have Christmas spirit yet, go attend a school Christmas program... or watch this one. The school was very smart to keep the 3 and 4 yr olds to a quick 10 minute program, but it's 10 minutes of sweetness and Christmas spirit!

My grandson is in the light blue shirt, back row, second one in - and the loudest voice. Of course.


Karen said...

Oh my gosh, Joan! They are SO cute! I can't wait until I get to go see one of these again. Give him a great big hug from me.

sarah said...

:-( Wish I could watch it. I'm still on dial up. Don't even bother trying stuff like that. I'm sure it was wonderful though.