Dec 19, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like.... a candle collection!

Oh my aching back. I finally got out my collection of Christmas candles today. Actually, I ended up getting out only 5 of 6 totes. I just ran out of room to put the candles, so didn't bother with the last tote.

Here are examples of the candles I have been collecting since the first year we were married (31 years).
Trust me when I tell you, this is just a small percentage of the entire collection!

The santa collection

Nutcrackers - wooden and candle

The Choir

This is a wonderful old vintage Hallmark paper Santa sleigh and reindeer, from the late 40's or early 50's, I believe. I picked this up at an estate sale about 15 years ago.
Are these little wooden ornaments sweet? They are painted very much like the Russian stacking dolls. There are no labels on the box, so I have no idea where they come from or how old they are. I just know how much I love them!

The stocking on the left is mine -- which I made in a "crazy quilt" style with Mary Englebreit fabrics. If you click on the photo and see the close up, you'll see it's got embroidery, beads and other embellishments. The stocking on the right is my husband's original felt stocking from his childhood. His mom made the stocking, but it started to fall apart, so I repaired it and sewed the entire stocking onto new fabric to make it more secure. I did this several years ago, and last night when we took the stockings out of the box, he looked at it and said, "Thanks so much for fixing this for me. It means a lot."

Sorry this photo is blurry. It's a beautiful Swedish Christmas linen that belonged to my husband's grandmother. I found this wonderful old frame (already painted white) at an auction, and the two seem to be meant for each other.

In addition to the candles in the photos above, there are enough house/building, Christmas tree, lamp post and people candles to make a village, which Mr. B. and I will set up tomorrow. I also have a collection of about 50 "Gurley" candles from the 1940's, a collection of angel candles, animal candles, sleigh candles, Mrs. Claus candles, ornament candles, and Christmas tree candles. Candles range in size from 2 feet to 1/2 inch.

Any Christmas collections at your house? I'd love to see them!


sarah said...

Beautiful collection Joan! Glad you put some pictures up. The big question....are you STILL collecting or are you done? I don't even really decorate for holidays. I think you got all the holiday spirit in the family! You should have an open house for your neighbors or Mr. B's class. They would love it.

Karen said...

This is the joy of decorating for Christmas....bringing out all the old pieces that bring back some great memories.

Joan J said...

Sarah, I do still collect them, but it's difficult to find any I don't already have. Now I look for more unusual ones, rather than just Santa or a snowman.