Dec 9, 2010

Easy Christmas Craft for Preschoolers

I am trying to do at least one Christmas craft project a week with Mr. B. when he's here, and this week we did a fun project - a "stained glass window" decoration.

I found the original idea at Midwest Mom's blog. We did it slightly different because Mr. B. didn't have the patience to gently place individual squares of tissue paper. He's got another cold and wasn't feeling all that great, so we did the speedy version.

I cut out two candles and surrounding circles (cut as one piece) from black construction paper, then layed one on top of clear contact paper, and cut the contact paper the same size as the outer circle. Mr. B. used a shaker to sprinkle silver glitter (I would have used gold, but didn't have any handy). Then we tore up white and green tissue paper and Mr. B. simply dumped it on top of the contact paper and pressed it down with his hand. When the contact paper was covered, I placed the second construction paper candle with matching contact paper on top, and voila! We have the prettiest window decoration!


Kelsey said...

Wow! What a great twist on the crafts I made - yours looks awesome. I'm not usually brave enough to do glitter in the house with my kids. Thanks for commenting to let me know that you tried that craft and for sharing the link. Have a great day!

Karen said...

I made different verrsions of these with my preschoolers all the time, as well as at camp. Nice easy project for 3-5 year olds.