Nov 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday and this week's To Do List

It's going to be a very busy week -- just not for me. This is one of those week's I call "Hell Week" because my husband is under the gun for some project or another at work. He may or may not be home at his regular 6pm time. If he does come home, he'll be working in his office. Since I won't know until 5pm if he will be home for dinner, I have to be flexible this week. I can do that.

In a previous post, I talked about organizing and inventorying (is that a word?) my freezer contents a few days ago. I quite literally do not need to buy more than $15 or $20 worth of groceries for the next two weeks (at least!) and then only perishables. We don't drink much milk here, and I think I'll bake homemade bread for the next few weeks, so really I just need some yogurt, dryer sheets for the laundry, and potty paper.

So here are the menus, based on what I already have on hand.

Steak on the grill
Green salad w/blue cheese crumbles, bacon and cranberries

(Recipe at the end of my Nov. 15 post)

Planned eating out, meeting at 7pm

Spaghetti, meatballs
(make extra meatballs for freezer)
Green salad, garlic bread

Homemade Turkey "TV Dinners"

Pigs in a Blanket
(Hot dogs wrapped in rolled biscuit dough)
Macaroni and cheese

Breakfast for dinner
Sausage, Vegetable omelet, toast for Jeff
Oatmeal, sausage, toast for me (I don't eat eggs)

You can share your menu at the Organized Junkie!

OK, now for what I want to accomplish this week.

  • Finish - AND I MEAN FINISH - quilted Christmas postcards
  • READ! I have FOUR book reviews due for Amazon! Get 'er done!
  • New wreath for front door or ?? make one?
  • Run down to Cincinnati to do an errand for my son (Wed.)
  • Book signing in Montgomery (Wed. PM)
  • Take Mr. B shopping - pick out toy to donate to the needy (Update - daughter had to use my car while hers' was in the shop, so this is delayed to Tues. next week.)
  • Trip to Cincinnati Museum to view new Dinosaur exhibit with Mr. B? Not sure if this week or next. (Update: Next week)
  • Start getting out Christmas candles (I have hundreds - I've been collecting them for 30+ years)
  • Clean and re-organize front coat closet - summer coats away, hats & mittens into basket and under front bench, etc.
  • Email Lynne - wondering why I haven't heard from her in awhile!
  • Check and re-check Christmas present list, find boxes for those to be mailed
  • Find a few Christmas crafts to do with Mr. B when he's here - paper chains! paper plate reindeer mask?
  • Present for Mr. J.... ask sisters for suggestions.
  • Put timer on lights on trees in back yard.
  • Buy stamps to mail out the FINISHED Christmas postcards

Obviously, that's on top of my normal To Do/Housework List!

You can post your To Do List on Domestically Obsessed!


Ammie @ said...

What an awesome list! I hear you on the Christmas card thing, still working on getting mine out! Thanks so much for linking up!

Jenny said...

Your menu looks good. I like how you include your to do list. I need to to this...

Mom24 said...

I always mean to do that, and never quite succeed. Hope you did. Still looks like a yummy week.