Nov 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - 11/01/10

It's going to be a COLD week here in southwestern Ohio, so the name of the game this week is warm, comfort foods! I would also like not to do any grocery shopping this week, after spending $60 over budget last week. So I'm working with what's in the freezer, plus cooking meals large enough to use leftovers in another form the next night.

with turnip, carrots, onions, green beans

Beef burritos
Tomato Soup
(Burritos made from leftover pot roast, plus salsa, beans, corn in tortilla wraps)

Taco Soup
(made from Tuesday's leftovers)

Roast whole chicken
Rice, mixed veggies, gravy

Chicken Stew
served over rice
(made from Thursday's leftovers)

Breakfast for dinner
Cheese omelettes, bacon, toast

Dinner Out

Oatmeal, toast or sausage/egg roll-ups to go

Lunches (packed for my husband)
Leftover soup with PB&J or Tuna salad
Egg salad with chips, yogurt
Chicken salad on lettuce
Some of my menues may look familiar from last week! It seems that last week nothing went as planned, so these meal ingredients are still available.


Mel Cole said...

Soup are really good these days because it's getting colder. I like your plan.

My Menu Monday Here

Karen said...

I love potroast in the crockpot. tonight I am making turkey meatballs in a cranberry sauce gravy. I'll let you know how they come out.