Nov 16, 2010

Keeping a 4 year old busy

I have Mr. B with me two and a half days a week. I try to keep my life on an even keel, even when he's here, but you have to keep a 4 year old busy or it goes downhill fast. How do you keep a four year old busy? Here's what we did today, all before lunch.

He cut out all my Internet printed coupons for me. There were LOTS. His scissor skills have improved dramatically. We only lost one coupon.

We played three games of Candy Land on the computer. Dora the Explorer won all three and Mr. B was NOT happy. No "it doesn't matter if you win or lose..." for this guy. Dora is O.U.T. Buh-bye Dora.

We played "Umma and B's Game of Death". It involved a turned off laptop, the mouse, a set of car keys, an empty video case, my Mp3 player and the earphones, five fabric yoyo's, some rocks, a Bingo game, my camera, a small cardboard box, a Lego guy, a Transformer, and a Lego zip line. I lost. I may or may not be given an opportunity to try again.

He filled the dehumidifier for me (even though it was already full). Then we mopped the floor.

He told me a story (it may have been a book they read at school) about a boy named "Sloppy Joe". He was sloppy because he was dirty from playing outside. He was muddy because he played in the mud. He had a bath and then his name was Just Joe. Sounds simple, but it took him a good 20 minutes to explain all the details. I loved it.

We read two books. Neither was Sloppy Joe and I'm not so sure they measured up to Mr. B's standards.

And we watched this video - four times. We belly-laughed every time.

He asked if he could hold Joey the Killer cat under the faucet and see if he'd drink like that. Ummm... no.

Now he's at preschool for three hours. I'm cleaning my house, but not quite sure what to do with "Umma and B's Game of Death". I might be given a second chance to prove myself after I pick him up at preschool, but I've also promised him we could put on our raincoats and get out umbrellas and go outside in the rain, and he's also asked to go down in the basement "just to see, not touch" all of Umpa's trains.

So much to do, so little time.


Karen said...

Sounds like a fun filled and exciting day. You are so lucky to spend so much time with him.

Anonymous said...

I had a good belly laugh about the cat video, too! LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog and for mentioning yours, I'm always interested in other people's blogs. I'll be reading some of your older posts so you may get further comments from me.

Hubs and I raised our grandsons, they were only 11 months apart, so I can relate to this post. They really loved Hank the Cowdog books. Of course when I read them out loud to them, I used my "Okie" voice because I thought Hank ought to have a drawl. I enjoyed the stories as much as the boys did.

I'm thinking you need a recipe for baker's clay -- the kind with flour and salt?? Do you have it? If not let me know. The things they make out of it can be baked and then painted and dipped in polyurethane. I still have some Christmas ornaments my son made when he was 12. He's 40 now. Hugs, Ilene