Nov 23, 2010

Go get inspired

Don't you just love creative people? Despite being a quilter, I don't have a creative bone in my body. Colors baffle me, despite being familiar with all the concepts of the color wheel. Choosing colors for a quilt takes me longer than the actual sewing. No joke.

So when I find a blog that doesn't just inspire me but actually motivates me to try new things, I spend hours and hours pouring over it. Picking the author's mind, as it were. Trying to figure out what she knows that I don't know (a lot). Trying to be creative through osmosis, I guess.

So here's a blog that I've only found recently, but wow, wow, wow. This lady is artistic and whimsical, creative and willing to try new things. I love it. I've learned so much. Check her out - MamaCJT.


Anonymous said...

Everyone's creative! For some reason it's the thing that most people get self-consious about though, even artists from time to time.

Thanks for entering my give away and following my blog! Just stopping by to say welcome, and thank you so much!

Carol said...

I just sat and read her whole blog. I did recognize one of her postings from a previous visit but did not realize it was her till I got to it :)