Nov 26, 2010

The GiveAway I *really* want to win!

Etsy is one of my favorite web sites these days -- whether I'm over there clicking to find unique fabric (Japanese fabric has become one of my new favorites) or to find unique Christmas gifts or, heck, just for inspiration or to wile away some time... Etsy has everything. What do you collect? You'll find it on Etsy! Have someone on your shopping list that already has one of everything? You'll find something unique for them on Etsy. Trust me on this one - Etsy is an amazing way to shop from unique artists and find unique products.

So.... when I found this Etsy giveaway, I knew I had to do everything possible to win it. In fact, just writing this blog article about the giveaway makes me eligible for five more entries. Ooooohhhh... I really want to win this one.

The GiveAway is called the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide & GiveAway. The prize is an enormous and varied assortment of gifts from Etsy - and I love every single one of them. From a "Chunky Monkey Flap Hat" to an "Elephant Sewing Kit". From the "Custom Alphabet Print" to the "Modern Bird Dessert Pedestal" - I just love them all. Value of the prizes - $470!!!!

You can enter the giveaway yourself by clicking here and following instructions. Good luck to me!

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