Mar 10, 2010

Review, revamp, rejuvenate

Time to switch gears with this blog. Google sends me visitors who are searching for information on "how to be a good wife" and "housekeeping hints" and "household storage" for example. You know - actual housewife stuff! The "new" blog is going to be less personal, more housewife-oriented. There will be "Recipes of the Week", suggestions for blogs of interest, review of household products, book reviews, and more. I have no self-imposed deadline for beginning this new project, just a headfull of ideas and a willingness to get started. I love a new adventure. So bookmark this blog, or become a follower or hook into me with your favorite reader, but come back and see what new and interesting things are in the near future for this blog.

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Karen said...

But what about Mr. B stories?????