Feb 10, 2010

Baking bread on a snowy day

It's very snowy here in Ohio. This is far more snow than we usually get. So Mr. B and I are got out the bread machine to make some bread. Today it's wheat bread. I get all the ingredients out and measured in separate little cups and bowls, then Mr. B comes out to pour it all into the breadmaker for me. He is excellent in determining if the bread dough needs more flour or more water. Is it too wet or too dry? Does it stick to your fingers? He can tell me exactly what we need to add to get delicious bread. After the bread, we make fresh fruit smoothies for morning snack. This time Mr. B gets to say exactly what goes into our smoothie. Today it was frozen strawberries, blueberries, mangoes and bananas, orange juice, mango juice, flax seed, mandarin orange slices and juice, and a half container of yogurt. We never add sugar, but may add honey once in awhile for a little sweetness. I couldn't ask for a better helper!


Karen said...

I have definitely not been using my bread machine as much as I should! I've got to get on that. We only got a dusting of snow here in Salem.

Lucy said...

Those pictures are adorable! He's getting cuter every day. And I'll bet your house smells WONDERFUL! I'm such a bad bread maker I can't even make it in a bread machine. I finally gave my machine to my DIL.

Dixie said...

Mr. B is really growing up! what a cutie!