Nov 11, 2009

Test - - passed

Just a quick update. All will be well. Jeff's boss may have had a bit of "chicken little" syndrome. It turns out, the sky wasn't falling after all. We are and will be fine. No early retirement, no financial distress, no job loss. We learned an important lesson, and that's always good. We need to keep better track of our investments and know, at a glance, where we stand at all times. We need to think before creating new long-term financial obligations because "long term" has a totally new meaning when you're nearing retirement. It's time to buckle down and save money in a liquid savings account - and not touch it. Yes, we have investments of various kinds, but if Jeff had gotten laid off, we did not have six months salary in a savings account (despite how we've advised our kids to do that!). We're going to work on that now. This whole episode was a scare (albeit unnecessary), but that's fine, so long as we learned something from it. And we did. Retirement is coming fast. If we want to retire with no mortgage payment and without financial worries, we need to be more cognizant of where our money is going and why.We do not make major purchases lightly (or often) but we both are guilty of making many small purchases without thinking. So all is well in our household, at least job wise. Today is my oldest's 30th birthday. In some ways it seems like he was a little guy playing video games and wanting to blow things up just a few weeks ago, and yet sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago that I laid my eyes on that little baby boy and knew a love like I'd never even knew existed. He's a man now, with a nice home, great job, wonderful wife... and I'm so proud of him in every way. Happy Birthday, Jeffie. I miss you, and I love you, and I'm proud of you. Mr. B is here for his 3rd day in a row. Sick again, but this time he has pneumonia. I think it's time to change pediatricians (but then, it's not my call) because it makes no sense to me that his doctor(s) do not think his getting sick every month is abnormal. He is forever on antibiotics and sometimes on steroids for his respiratory problems. Too much medicine and not enough diagnosis/testing in my book. So my house is a mess, my grandson is germifying my house, it's cold outside and our power went off this morning (temporarily), but you know what? It's a great day. My husband has a job, we're not in jeopardy of losing everything, my son is 30 years old and leading a good life, my daughter is recovering from her own bout of bronchitis, and it's a gorgeous sunny day. Some times you just need to stop and count your blessings... Mine are many.


Suburban Princess said...

I'm glad everything worked out !

Karen said...

Glad to hear everything worked out. But sorry that your change in finanaces didn't neccesitate a move back to New England! LOL Jeff is 30??? How can that be? It's been over 20 years since I babysat him????

The Calico Quilter said...

I'm so relieved for you. Has Mr. B had allergy testing? That seems to be the root of a lot of childhood respiratory issues, at least for people I know. So sorry the little guy is sick again.