Nov 1, 2009

I'm not just cooking

It seems all I've been posting are recipes lately. But I'm not just all about cooking these days, honest! I've been doing my usual routine of babysitting for Mr. B. Who, by the way, is growing in leaps and bounds, and has become quite a wise old man for his young age. His favorite words is "Wuskifeye"... as in "Wuskifeye shut Joey (the killer cat) in the door - will he bite me?" or "Wuskifeye don't want to take a nap at your house?" or "Wuskifeye pick this spider up and put him on your lap?". You guessed it. "Wuskifeye" is "What's going to happen if I....." I've also been sewing! That's right - me! sewing! One day the bug hit and everything else but babysitting went by the wayside. I made some Fall pillows and tablerunner for the family room, and now I'm quilting a queen-sized log cabin quilt done in the same Fall colors. My Cathedral Window squares continue to be my night time TV watching project -- I have about 30 done now. I was a bit alarmed when I discovered I need more than 400 for the finished quilt (!) but if I can get 10 done every week, I'll have a gorgeous heirloom quilt done in about a year. We all know how fast a year goes by these days, so that's not all that long! Jeff is taking Mr. B to the Air Force Museum in Dayton today, so I have a Sunday to myself. Laundry is already going, and I will have to do some ironing later. I've cleaned up the kitchen and have the dishwasher running, swept the kitchen floor, shook out the area rugs, and gotten out some homemade turkey sausage for tonight's homemade pizza for dinner. I hope to spend most of my day in the quilt room, quilting the above-mentioned log cabin quilt in a large, easy meandering quilt pattern to get it done quickly. I have a quilt class coming up on November 19th to do a quilted jacket. I've wanted to try some quilting clothing for awhile, so jumped at the class when I saw it. I was hoping to pull the fabrics from my stash, but the fabric combination that is in my head (I'm thinking Cranberry solids and assorted batiks) isn't in my stash! The jacket is a lot of work, so I'm not going to use fabric that I won't want to wear -- so it's off to Fabric Shack on Tuesday. I'm fortunate to have one of the Internet's best discount fabric shopping web sites just about 20 miles from my house! Halloween. Sigh... Has this holiday become a complete bust for everyone? We used to get 200+ kids at our door. Last year we had no kids at all. This year we had two. I miss seeing all those little faces so proud of their costumes and so sure they were going to scare me when I opened the door! It was such a special night for kids - with weeks of planning and anticipation and creating costumes and decorations. There are holidays we can do away with, but this shouldn't be one of them! Off to the quilt room - where things sometimes make more sense!


Karen said...

Do we get to see Mr. B in his Halloween costume? We haven't seen pictures of him in forever!

Joan said...

We do if Mary ever finds her camera cord! He was a race car driver -- all I had to do this year was paint his helmet (from JJ's Halloween past), and hem his race car driver uniform. And I made him a black and white checkered candy bag. Last year I made him a cat costume and never got to see a photo of him in it! LOL But I'll try!