Jun 12, 2009

Moving into the 21st Century

I've whined about explained my computer troubles over the past two months, and probably shouted from the rooftop mentioned that I finally gave in to the frustration and went out and bought myself a new computer. A Hewlett Packard -- which has been my computer of choice for as long as I've been buying computer (15 years!) -- purchased at Amazon. It's fast, it's got a ton of options (video game excellerator, sumthin' sumthing gigga somethin', media sumthin sumthin and more). But - here's the kicker - it's wireless. WIRE-LESS as in Yippy Skippy I am no longer chained to my desk 8 and 10 hours a day!!! Look! (holding up computer) No wires to the modem! No plug! I'm sitting out on my deck, sipping a cup of coffee, listening to the birds chirp as I type. How cool is that? I don't even need to have a mouse because it has this thingie here (pointing) that is every bit as easy to use as a mouse, but it's not one of those itty bitty buttons that I've never mastered on my husband's laptop. It's like a "pad" instead of a mouse button. I've whined boasted mentioned that I've been spending a lot of hours working on my other blog, Quilting on a Budget. With my old computer, that meant I was pretty much tied to the desk in my office. No more! I take my computer outside when Brayden is riding his bike! I put my laptop on the kitchen counter while I'm cleaning the kitchen so I can watch NASCAR races live and not miss anything! I bring my laptop into the family room and work while Jeff is watching TV. And it just occurred to me yesterday that I can even bring the computer into my quilt room and pull up patterns on the screen, rather than printing them all out! How did I live without this?? Honestly, I feel like I've moved myself into the... ummm... twenty-first century with this computer. There are far more expensive computers out there, but I am as happy as anything with the one I bought for under $600. Online reviews call it an entry-level computer, but considering how much I surf the 'net, watch YouTube videos, play around with graphics and photos, I just can't imagine what the $2400 computers have that this one doesn't. So if you happen to be still chained to your desk with a desktop computer - come have a cup o' tea with me in the 21st century! Oh wait, it's starting to rain, so we might just have to move our laptops into the kitchen.

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The Calico Quilter said...

When I got my first laptop, it was "Boy howdy, I am gonna LOVE this!" And I do. I am on laptop #2 now (upgrade); #1 went to my nephew to use in school. I am profoundly glad I have a computer savvy husband to pick my computers. I am less glad that he used my laptop to be the Vista guinea pig. I notice that his desktop is still running XP! Oh well, I'm trying to be flexible. It is a great machine - he picked a 17" dual processor Toshiba and I love it. Do you have a wireless printer? I still have to use the desktop as a print server, which can be a problem. Our predicted life on wireless routers is less than spectacular - they keep being eaten by thunderstorms. We're on number 4 I think, if I've kept track. But you gotta love wireless.