Jun 9, 2009

Make this clock stop - please!

When my son and daughter were small (just 21 months apart, so they were pretty much babies and toddlers at the same time), time did NOT go by quickly. They were in diapers forever. They spoke baby talk and then toddler chitter chatter forever. When you're a mom to little ones, it can feel like one day is a week long, one month a year long. Not so when you're a grandmother. Mr. B is changing, and changing fast. You almost can't see the "baby" in his face anymore -- you now see a little boy. (Ha! It makes me tear up to look at this picture! Silly Umma.) This photo was taken about two weeks ago, PRE summer haircut! And here's Mr. B yesterday (POST summer haircut - I had them leave the curls on top!). By the way, he's sitting in front of a cat-themed wallhanging and pillow that had just arrived in the mail from Robert Kaufmann fabrics. How cute is that? Apparently this very wallhanging and pillow were in an issue of Fons & Porter's quilting magazine last year. Mr. B's interests are also changing. Although he still loves playing with his cars, he is now all about being outside and riding his bike (yesterday I caught him riding down the driveway with his feet up on the handlebars! yikes! Should I put the local ER's on alert?), playing any kind of sports - golf, soccer, baseball. He is still showing a real interest in playing the guitar. Yesterday he sang Jeff and I the alphabet song while accompanying himself on the guitar. Uncle Jeff, we need you! Conversations with Mr. B have totally changed as well. Yesterday I picked him up at his house and gave him the GPS to tell me how to get back to my house (just for because it was fun and we've been talking and learning about maps lately, so it was good practice for him), and the GPS took us on a different road than the one we normally go on. When we finally got back to the main road we both knew, an excited voice from the car seat in the back pipes up and says, "Boy, Umma, I never been on THAT road before. Have you? When we got to that stop sign I said WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ROAD! because I've never been on THAT road before, have you?" LOL And his sense of humor is maturing rapidly. At a yard sale last week I picked up a very cute wooden wheelbarrow that's only about 7 inches long x 3 inches high. I had it on the kitchen table when Mr. B was here yesterday, and he spotted it right away. "What's this, Umma?" Before I could answer he said, "It's a wheelbarrow?" I said yes, and then I said, straight-faced, that it was Joey's (the killer cat) wheelbarrow. Brayden thought that was SO funny, and then added, "But he can't use it yet because he can't find one of his work gloves." LOL Oh no - they're not going to make me do yard work again, are they?

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Karen said...

Oh my! He's such a little boy! Isn't it amazing the way they think? I agree that they grow too fast. Emily is going to be TWO in August! What's up with that???