Mar 30, 2009

I need a vacation!

Our planned vacation at the lake house didn’t work out last weekend, and it’s re-scheduled for the last weekend of April. But I need a vacation N-O-W! Away from housework, away from blogging (you’d think by looking at this blog that I haven’t any right to say that, but my other blog has been VERY busy lately!), away from cooking, and most of all – away from cold weather!

Although Spring sprang (sprung?) two weeks ago, it’s also seen fit to disappear. Yesterday’s high was 44. I’m ready for at least 25 degrees warmer than that. I swear, my body is craving the warmth of sunshine these days.

Jeff and Mr. B spent all day Saturday doing “man stuff” – going to the hardware store (geesh, you think my trips to the fabric stores and flea markets take a long time? They were gone TWO HOURS and the store is just 5 minutes away!), and then doing maintenance work on the weed wacker and lawnmower to prepare them for the upcoming months. Mr. B always wears his “mowing hat” when he’s out on the riding lawnmower with Umpa – but the child has grown so much his special hat no longer fits! So, we found a new “special” hat for him – and boy, does he look like a little boy now and no longer a baby.


Awwww…what a cutie! And yes – ANOTHER male with eyelashes females would kill for!

100_2281Mr. B brought his dog, Jack, over for a visit. Jack was banned from our house two years ago because every time he walked in, he peed on something – usually my couch. Nooo, thank you. So unknown to me, my daughter brought Jack with her on Saturday to drop Mr. B off. And what did Jack do? Peed on the floor length curtains in the family room that I had JUST washed. It will be at least another two years before Jack comes back to my house. Mr. B thought it was SO funny!

This week is Jeff’s “Hell Week” at work – he will work at least 16 hours a day for the next seven to ten days. He has to do this five times a year – it’s an accountant thang. For me? It’s a mini-vacation. The best kind of vacation, in fact. I don’t have to cook, no one is in the house to mess it up, and a nice warm body climbs in bed with me for at least a few hours every night. Life is good.

Today I’ve decided to give myself a “stay-cation” and am headed up to my quilt room to do some sewing. I swear. It’s too cold to work outside today and I cleaned house over the weekend, so it’s still clean – and no dinner to fix. I am grabbing my Mp3 player and a quick pattern for a table runner and off I go. I swear. In fact, I’m going to challenge myself to finish this today and show you photos tomorrow.

I love my horoscope for today: A relaxing weekend quickly fades into the distant past on this busy day. It may be challenging to keep up with all that's going on now, but you'll just have to grit your teeth and do what you must. Although you may resist at first, you could actually be inspired once you find a creative voice that's in touch with your hopes and dreams.

Amen to that.


RoeH said... to DC and I'll meet you there.

Unknown said...

Good to see an update from you on family life. B is looking SO much like a little boy and not a toddler. I agree with you 100% about craving warmer weather and a vacation! What a bummer for you that your vacation at the lake house was pushed back twice...that must make the need much worse! And yuck-o about your curtains! Hope DD is washing and ironing them for ya! ;-)

Jassz said...

HI this is Jassz from swap-bot. I am sort of feeling silly because I'm seeing the blogs that you have done and my other partners and I realized that my spot isn't really a blog. I messed up in my understanding. However, I enjoyed reading your cuurent blogs. I was tickled watching the giggling baby video. That was just too cute. OMG! I like the life is...on the side. You have alot to look at and I have saved it under my new folder "Blogs" as I think its time for me to really enjoy others creativity! Your horoscope was pretty on par it sounded like! Thanks for sharing!


Karen said...

I totally agree with you that I need a vacation! We just booked our trip to Bah-ha-ba for June but that's too far away!

Lisa said...

I completely understand about needing a vacation. That's so nice that you have a lake house to get away to. I'm stuck in the city (no car), so lake houses are a bit out of the question. But in May I'll spend some time on the prairie, and that will be welcome. In the meantime, relish how productive you are. It looks like you get to spend a lot of time around neat people you care about (like Mr. B, who is adorable!). Maybe you and Mr. B could have a mini-vacation, where you spend an afternoon doing something fun and relaxing. :) lhoelle on swapbot