Feb 5, 2009

Focus on the positive!

Ooooo, I’ve been so busy this week thinking about negative things, and it shows in my blog. So it’s officially time to MOVE ON! Here’s the GOOD things that have been going on in my life lately (aside from being married to the world’s most wonderful husband, being parent to the world’s best adult children, and grandparent to the world’s best grandchild, of course!)

Giveaway Goodies

100_2155My home decorating books arrived! Come on over and have a cup of coffee with me and spend a few hours looking through these treasures. This was an incredibly generous ($350!!) book giveaway by HomeDesignFind.com. Tons of inspiration for my quest to redecorate and renovate my home this year!


This wonderful little surprise arrived in my mailbox, along with a sweet card signed by “Secret Sister friend” but I’m not sure from whom! My Yahoo group, Quilting on a Budget, is having a Secret Sister Exchange, but I can’t participate (obviously because as the organizer, my Secret Sister wouldn’t be much of a secret!). So these bookmarks were definitely unexpected. Thank you, Secret Sister Friend, whoever you are! One bookmark will go for reading, and one for following knitting patterns.


I’m sorry this photo didn’t turn out better, because this generous giveaway is a beautiful handmade ceramic “Bodhi Leaf” given away by Erin at Every Heart Crafts. I love the explanation that came with the leaf - “The tree and its heart-shaped leaf serve as symbolic reminders of the potential that lies within us to become our highest self.” I will wear it with pride. Erin has both an Etsy store and a blog.


This gem of a reusable grocery bag tote is from a swap on Swap-Bot. My swap partner, Debbie, did a fabulous job. This is a knit pattern on Ravelry, and I believe I’m going to have to make a few of these myself! You can see a better photo on Debbie’s blog, Rites of Passage.


What I’m Working On

I’m working on several projects right now, and none of them are quilting. Weird. However, some are sewing, so that counts! I’m working on doll for a Dotee doll swap on Swap-Bot. Don’t know what a Dotee doll is? Check out these photos on Flickr. They are funny little (3 – 6 inches) dolls with no legs or arms, but tons of personality. I’ve mentioned before that original creations are not my strong point, but this is a great way to force some creativeness out of me!


I’m also working on more socks. I just love to knit socks. This is the first sock of a pair for my friend, Karen, whose feet get cold at work (Hey, she lives in New Hampshire – it’s understandable!). I’m doing these without a pattern, and love how they’re coming out. These are from yarn I found in my stash – 100% wool but thick enough to have a bit of stretch. I did the cuff in a twisted rib pattern – I just knit 2, purl 2 and after 3 rows, move it all over by one stitch. It really looks nice and should provide some extra stretch.

Lastly, although I have no photo, I’m also working on a doll for The Toy Society. I love this blog! The goal is to make a very simple homemade toy of any kind, enclose it in a plastic bag with a tag, and place it anonymously at a place where a child is likely to find it. The tag gives the finder instructions on how to let The Toy Society know who the toy went to. I think this is just fabulous. We have a drug rehab center in a town not far away that works with moms and children, and that’s where I’m planning on leaving my doll.

So that’s what’s going on here! What’s going on with you?


Lucy said...

How I wish I was crafty. I love everything everyone makes. I'm not at all. I have a friend who is helping me make a patchwork bedspread right now and I go over and help her check out color coordinating. It is going to be very cute. But that's about all I can do. *sigh*

Karen said...

I'm so excited about my socks!!!

Lisa said...

What a great tote bag! And the Toy Society is the neatest idea I've heard of in awhile. How fun!

FibreJunky said...

The socks are looking good. What yarn are you using? I haven't done any knitting in a while. I should pull out my socks and finish them. I'm at the toe on the first one.

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!