Dec 30, 2008

The world's best job

I'm babysitting today -- well, for the afternoon. Since I spent most of my morning yelling at the tree guys (I'll save that for another post), I don't have time to blog today. But I know you, like me, need a smile. So here's a video for you. This is Matt. He gets PAID to go around the world -- yes, the WORLD -- to do this. I love it. I think I need to find a sponsor. Do you think someone would pay to have me make the bed, cook dinner, or clean the toilets...hmmm.... Probably not. Too bad I can't dance like Matt. Well, I can - but that job's already taken. Lucky Matt!


MaryLu said...

Oh my goodness ! That was so funny! I'm with you, how come all the good jobs are taken? I loved the part where he started doing the moves the other dancers were doing. Too funny!

Karen said...

How can I seriously get that job???? I dance like a nut like that for free right now but I'd rather do it for cash! Anyone want to sponsor me?

Anonymous said...

Guys, this is not suppose to be funny! What are you seeing that makes you laugh? Please share as we all need laughs this time of year!

I thought it was great and touching. The message is the beauty of happiness through dance and song no matter where you are, what nationality you are, what country we are in. We should concentrate more of the simple things of happiness such as this instead of wars, bitterness, constant fighting.

Very simple but nice understated message.

Joan said...

Anonymous - lighten up! This video served it's purpose -- it made us smile, laugh and enjoy it enormously. It's lighthearted and fun to watch and that's exactly what I got from it. Geesh.