Dec 15, 2008

What I needed was Christmas Music

I'm done with my pity party of earlier today. (If I could erase the post, I would -- but that would erase people's comments, and those, to me, are treasures.) As soon as I finished writing my post, I gave myself a serious talking-to. LOL Someone had to do it, might as well be me. I'm a believer that sometimes you have to act "as if". So, I put on some Christmas music (loud!) and spent the day acting "as if" I was excited about Christmas -- and sure enough, by this evening, I am! All is not without hope. I got a lot done. Although the tree still isn't decorated (tomorrow we have snow forecast -- you can't ask for better tree-decorating ambiance than that!), the quilted wreath is over the fireplace, the mantel cloth is up, the Christmas area rugs are out, there's a decoration on my front door (though not a wreath -- I need to go buy a new one), and I actually unpacked the box of candles from the kitchen. So, thanks to Lisa and Deb for your comments and the sympathy pats. Music was the key, so here's some Christmas music to share with you. Go to the right hand column and turn off my Christmas music first! Enjoy!


Karen said...

I LOVE this rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas! so funny! Glad to hear you've gotten some of your spirit back. Only another week or so and it'll be all over anyway. :(

Laura G said...

wow, what talent, and funny! I'm a singer, and appreciate the talent it takes to sing that way, all mixed up! I'm getting "caught up" on your last few entries... thanks for the diversions! I'll finish our tree tomorrow with my three darlings who mostlikely will have snow day here in chicagoland. Laura