Dec 23, 2008

Last minute crazies

I go through this every year... in the last few days, especially the last few hours, before Christmas, I start to panic. It never fails. Yesterday I was feeling so smug -- got my presents wrapped, got some cookies baked, got the meals planned and the food purchased.... and today, my head is spinning. Last night I remembered I'd bought a Curious George stuffed monkey and book for Brayden, and I don't remember wrapping it. That means I've hidden gifts in the house and have no idea where they are now. And THAT means I'm also missing two gifts for my daughter that I bought at the same time! So today, the search is on... Then I realize I haven't really planned a dessert for Christmas dinner. Hmmm... do without or slug my way back to the grocery store this afternoon? Wait - we do have the cookies that Brayden and I made.... good enough for Christmas dinner dessert? YES! GOOD ENOUGH! OK, last panic - did I buy enough presents for Jeff? We always set a spending limit with each other and I stuck to the limit. The problem - he never does! That man is a long-lost relative of the real Santa Claus, I swear. He hates shopping, but he loves giving nice presents! So, will my presents compare to what he gives me? Panic.... OK, deep breath. Reality check -- no, they probably won't. LOL But it's his choice to go over the budget, right? It is what it is... Today I'll be spending most of the day cleaning the house -- just vac'ing downstairs, dusting here and there, washing the kitchen floor (you should see all the flour on the floor from baking cookies with Brayden yesterday), giving the downstairs a good picking-up. My daughter is home sick so I have no idea if I have Brayden today as planned. Guess I'll take advantage and get everything spruced up and ready... Plan out my cooking strategy for Christmas Eve dinner... The menu is baked ham, homemade macaroni and cheese, three bean salad, baked beans, rolls and salad. We've always had either turkey or roast beef, so this year we're doing something different -- and I'm hoping that Mr. Fussy Eater Brayden might actually eat the macaroni and cheese, unlike the Spaghettio's he had for Thanksgiving... Ever onward. It is what it is... Now where ARE those presents???


Lucy said...

You'll find them in summertime like I did. Be patient. The good thing? Next years shopping will be done.

Kathryn said...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I always have a last minute panic too! Enjoy it and have a peaceful New Year. Thank you for a year of great blogging - I don't often leave comments but your writing and pictures brighten my days. Kathryn x