Nov 6, 2008

Our Creativity Day

I spent the day with my friend, Lynn, in her wonderful Sewing Studio. We are trying to motivate each other to get some Christmas sewing / quilting done, and thought spending a day together might do the trick. Well, we thoroughly enjoyed the day -- the coffee, the carrot cake, the exchange of ideas and patterns -- but not a lot of sewing got done! We get so busy chit-chatting (that's not a complaint - I thoroughly enjoy Lynn's company) and discovering the newest additions to Lynn's sewing room, that we often lost sight of the goal of being productive. We did work on one project -- and found neither of us had thought to bring handles for the purses we wanted to do! But one goal I did accomplish was to take pictures of Lynn's sewing room to share with you. She and her husband bought this house just a few months ago, and the basement level is a complete mother-in-law apartment. But there's no room for Mama now -- Lynn has the entire floor dedicated to her sewing. Lynn is my hero when it comes to finding good buys at yard sales. We live in the same town, probably go to many of the same sales -- but she can find bargains like no one I know. Lynn has her room broken down into "Zones" -- this is the computer zone. Behind it on the left you can see terrific red storage cabinets complete with shelves and drawers and a long counter top that fits all three custom cabinets in place. Found at a yard sale for $25! Me? Jealous? You bet! This is her "Sewing Zone". She's currently sewing on a Singer Featherweight, and it was a lovely little machine to sew on. Other machines and serger are in the back. Just to the right, behind the black lamp, you can see a TV Remote Control caddy she picked up at a yard sale to use for all the tools she needs at the sewing machine. Such a creative idea! And here's Lynn, saying "Don't take a picture of me!". LOL! Click! Too late! This overlooks a very comfy area to sit and read or do handwork or watch TV or any combination of those! And just to the right you can see a Christmas tree. Lynn keeps it up all year long. It's supposed to motivate her to be more productive. It's decorated in sewing notions! On the left you can catch a glimpse of the kitchen area. This is where we tend to congregate and chit chat over coffee and goodies. See the ironing board stool in front of the kitchen island? There's two of them. How cute are those? Again, yard sale finds. What you can't see are the three? four? other rooms on this floor, including a full bathroom and laundry room (there is also an upstairs laundry room), bedroom, sitting room and more. Most of the rooms are used for storage of Lynn's fabric and notions. Whenever my husband rolls his eyes when he sees more fabric coming into our house, I want to take him by the hand and show him Lynn's sewing room and say, "See? I don't have that much!" LOL Thanks, Lynn, for an enjoyable day. Hope to see you again next week (and I'll bring my handles!).

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Tina said...

Looks like a fun day! Thanks for coming to my blog! I am very excited to get to move into my new room. DH surprised me, and I think I can start moving in this weekend. The orginal plan was to move our bedroom into there - while he repainted our room, but he said to move in to the quilt room, and we will squeeze our bed into my old room (DD room) and put other things other places in the I have to get the shelves and cabinets from my son's house I confiscated from his home remodel and get them in there - before he changes his mind! hehe