Nov 2, 2008

More flea market finds

It's an absolutely beautiful day here in southwestern Ohio, so Jeff and I headed back to the Turtle Creek flea market today. We both enjoy it so much, and we do a lot of walking, which really help my latest round of back problems. I had $9.00 in my pocket, and decided that was my budget for the morning. And yes, I found some great buys! The glass bowl with lid is for our Sweet n' Low packets that stay on the kitchen counter near the coffee maker. The pattern of the jar just happens to match a very large jar I have that holds all our variety of tea bags. The box on the right holds 25(!) hand-crocheted or embroidered hankies to add to my collection. That was perhaps the bargain of the flea market at $2.00. The book is a Mary Englebreit craft book, and I feel in love with the bluebird kitchen placemats. And the little frames in the back are little tiny (maybe 1.5 x 1.5 inch) pen and ink drawings and SO cute! I can't quite read the artist's signature - Jarvis? Jovis? They're done in a very simple country way. Not in the photo is a new old man "smoker" to add to my "collection" of one! I love the time change. We spent an enjoyable morning at the flea market and were home by 11:30am! I have two loads of laundry to do and need to head back to the basement to hunt up some new yarn for more sock knitting later today while we watch the race on TV (yes, we are most definitely NASCAR fans). I think I may even do some kind of baking this afternoon... it's just that kind of day. We also have plans to head out to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner. We don't eat out often, so this will be a real treat.

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Tipper said...

Love your flea market finds!