Nov 27, 2008

May I send you a $10 gift certificate for dinner? is offering me (and I'm sure many others! LOL) the opportunity to mail out three $10 gift certificates PER DAY from now until Christmas! I'd like to share them with YOU! First, just go to and check your zip code and see if there are participating restaurants in your area. Then simply leave a comment on my blog, then email me with YES PLEASE in the subject line, and I'll send you a Gift Certificate! Usually the $10 certificates are used against a purchase of $25 or more. Be sure to read the fine print for the restaurant of your choice. I don't believe these gift certificates are transferrable -- so the person I email them to is probably the person who is going to have to use them. This will be on a first-come, first serve basis, and I'll mail them at the rate of three per day. It may take a few days for you to get yours. I will post a notice here if and when I run out of Gift Certificates.


Karen said...

Joan, Thanks for the free Gift Certificate! I will definitely use it and then Feed It Forward!!

Tina said...

I will send you an email for me to participate. I have checked out the website...lots of places near and around the Hamilton area. Tina