Nov 22, 2008

Ask Mr. and Mrs. Obama to take a stand on Social Responsibility

To continue my personal pledge of taking a stand against corporations that are socially irresponsible in the advertising aimed at our children and teenagers, today I found this web page of President-Elect Obama that asks citizens to tell him what is important to them. You can find it here: YES, there are critical issues facing the upcoming administration, and many will be considered far more important than what your kids are watching on TV. However, keep in mind, OUR CHILDREN ARE THIS COUNTRY'S FUTURE. What they are watching on television, hearing in their Mp3 players, viewing on their computers will at some point come into play as to the adults they will become. In addition to writing to the Levi Strauss company, I'm asking you to also take a minute to write to President-Elect Obama and say YES WE CAN make a difference in our children's future by holding corporations to socially responsible advertising.

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SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Thank you for the links! You bet we can make a difference!