Jul 3, 2008

Another Brayden-ism

Brayden and his mom are running late this morning, so I have just a few minutes to type another "how cute is that?" item. Yesterday it was hot and we filled up Brayden's pool. Being the boy he is, he peed in it once he was in and sitting down. I told him not to drink the water because he peed in it. A few minutes later, he decided to "cook" and "made" macaroni with his plastic pail and soup ladel he was playing with. I reminded him not to really eat the "macaroni" because he peed in the pool. A bit later, he used his pail to "make" coffee for me. He handed me a cup and told me it was coffee. I asked what else he put in it? "Ummmm.... swee ten low, cream and no pee pee." LOL!

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Pamela said...

It is a great idea to memoralize what Brayden is saying because I found out the hard why that we forget, no matter how cute at the time. Maybe this is one for Reader's Diges?! Have an enjoyable 4th. Pamela
P.S. What did you ever do with the mulberries?