Jun 18, 2008

Wow - Frugal and FREE Magazine deals

Magazines are ideal light summer reading for me. I grab a glass of iced tea and head for my deck with magazine in hand. You can read a magazine for 5 minutes or an hour, depending on how much time you can grab. But magazine subscriptions can be expensive! Last year I did away with all but one of my magazine subscriptions, just because I didn't want to pay the $20 - $30 per subscription.

But check out this web site: Lowpricesubs.com! Woman's Day magazine for $2.00 PER YEAR subscription? Parents' Magazine for $4 for TWO YEARS?? Two Years of ESPN magazine for $4?? Unheard of!

No affiliation here (though I certainly would sign up for that affiliate program if there was one available!). Just check it out. Even the most frugal of us can afford $2 per year for Woman's Day. Hmmm... does Woman's Day have coupons??


I currently receive GOOD HOUSEKEEPING magazine, and I didn't pay a dime. I watched about 10 minutes of commercials, gave my name and address, and received the magazine just a few weeks later.

Go to AdPerk to sign up. The magazine you choose on the home page will be the magazine you receive, so choose wisely! You receive a credit for each advertisement you watch, and usually 12 credits are needed for your free magazine subscription. Currently you can received Redbook, GoodHousekeeping, Parenting, ODE, Popular Science and Field & Stream. The magazines available change fairly frequently. You are NOT limited to just one subscription! Today, I did my 10 minutes of ads and subscribed to RedBook -- for free!


Karen :) said...

Hi Joan,
the ADPERK thing is cool. I just spent about 20 minutes registering and watching enough videos to earn Redbook for free! Thanks!

Tina said...

Joan - I did Adperk and lowpricesubs. This was awesome. I now have subscribtions I sometimes buy individually, and can pass on to my daughter and future DIL. I love all the frugal insight you post. You have turned me on to Moneysavingmom, and I am now an avid CVS shopper. Thanks, Tina