Jun 5, 2008

Summer is here! My Summer To Do List

Although the calendar says summer is still a few days off, the weather says that summer is officially here, with temps in the 90's all this week.

I have a list of annual things I need to get done to prepare for summer living. Here's my list:

1. Wash down all outdoor furniture*
2. Sweep back deck and patio - done
3. Bring stack of firewood to outdoor firepit - done
4. Blow up Brayden's pool - done
5. Put flowers in planters and place around deck - done
6. Put covered trash can near barbeque area.
7. Hang hose reel and hose. Make sure nozel doesn't leak, buy washer at hardware store if it does - done
8. Clean out fountain and put on timer - done
9. Wash patio door - done
10. Check grill propane tank - done
11. Check grill grate - buy new one at Lowe's if needed - done
12. Put up canopy on back deck - done
13. Hang patio lights in canopy roof
14. Put candles on patio table
15. Hang windchime in canopy structure
16. Sweep front sidewalk - done
17. Use Roundup or other weed remover on cement spaces in driveway
18. Sweep front porch, including under porch roof (spider web patrol) - done
19. Shake and sweep Welcome Mat - done
20. Wash front door windows, front door hardware, doorbell - done
21. Polyurethane front porch wicker furniture
22. Plant geranium in gnome - done
23. Paint mailbox (?new color?)

That's all I have for now, but I may think of more as I go!

A helpful hint if your GRILL is looking old and sad. Go to the hardware store and buy a can of black spray paint made for hot surfaces. Tape up any handles and knobs, then spray paint the exterior of your grill. I swear, you will think it's a brand new grill when you're done! And do you know you can buy a new rack for your grill for just a few dollars? I replace mine about every two years just because it starts getting rusty and wearing out in places. You can also buy new lava rocks for your grill at any hardware store. It's easy and more cost efficient to restore an old grill before throwing it away and buying a new one!

Is your OUTDOOR FURNITURE looking tired? If you have resin or plastic furniture, go to any hardware or WallyWorld store and buy a can of spray paint specifically designed for plastics. In just an hour or two you can spray paint life right back into your furniture! We went from tired old green plastic chairs to bright and cheerful yellow and blue (2 of each) for under $10 (3 cans of spray paint).

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