Jun 4, 2008

Scarey weather here

I'll be on the computer just a short time today, as we're under yet another tornado watch and severe t-storm warning here. It's been a nervous 24 hours, but everyone here is fine and no major tornadoes have hit in our area. This is what the weather map looked like at about 9pm last night:

If you look in the center of the screen you can see "Hamilton" where my daughter and grandson live, with a tornado just above in the bright bright pink (the white "spots" are lightening ground strikes). Then if you follow the red and blue diagonal lines for about 10 miles, that's where we live. The lines were the direction the tornado was going. It was NOT a full-scale tornado -- no structural damage at all, just trees and power lines down. It never arrived here, but we did get the signs of tornadoes in the area -- a very jumpy cat and pea-green skies.

It was pitch-black during the storms last night, but I managed to catch the above picture just as lightening was flashing -- look at those ominous clouds and the weird colors.

These storms are "freight training" right across our area today, meaning they are just lining up one after the other after the other. Here's what our 8am weather looks like. I assume the Hamilton thermometer got hit by lightening last night -- because it's been reading 150 degrees all morning! It's hot and steamy but not THAT hot and steamy!

I'm home alone today, but have my cell phone charged up and a little "emergency" kit ready to take to the basement with me if necessary. We've had very very heavy rain this morning, and it's very dark outside despite being 9:30am. We're under a tornado watch until 4pm, so it will be a long day!

To friends and family reading this, PLEASE don't call me until after 4pm. I hate talking on the phone during these storms!


The Calico Quilter said...

After I read your post this morning I've been thinking about you all day. I lived in central Kentucky for six years and know well what these storms can do. Bless you all, keep safe.

Tipper said...

I was wondering if you were in the middle of the storms. I don't want the storms but would take all the rain down here.

Joan said...

Funny, but when we first moved here 20 years ago, it seemed like we had severe t-storms and tornado warnings several times each year. But we haven't had any in 10 years or so! Hopefully it will be another 10 years -- give me a hurricane over a tornado any day!