Jun 19, 2008

Office supply savings - Frugal and FREE

If you're printing Internet coupons, you're going through a lot of printer paper! Wal-Mart has HP Printer Paper for $3.97, and you can print off a $3.00 coupon (several of them, actually) here! Final cost - .97 cents! Expiration date on the coupon is 12/31/2008, so you may want to print off extra and save for a sale! I love Post-It Flags. When I read magazines (especially quilt magazines that I never, ever throw away), I mark articles or instructions I want to go back to with Post-It Flags. They also make a marker that has little post-it notes in the tube of the pen! (Love it) Wal-Mart has them on sale this week for .97 cents. You can print a coupon for $3.00 off two here -- final cost - FREE! Thanks to The Centsible Sawyer for these coupons! Added Later: Go figure - MY WalMart did not have the Post-It Flag Markers or the printer paper on sale. The $3.00 coupon for HP paper is for paper that normally costs $5.27, so you still pay $2.27. The Post-It Markers were at regular price of $2.47, so I passed on those until I see them on sale. So your WalMart may or may not have these sales!

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