May 1, 2008

Today's To Do List

Today's weather forecast here in southwestern Ohio is 75 degrees, sunny and breezy -- perfect for hanging out laundry, so that's going to be the main task for me today. I've put off doing laundry for several days, waiting for a day when I wouldn't have to use my dryer -- and today's the day! To Do List Make Jeff's breakfast Make Jeff's lunch Make bed Laundry - wash, hang out, fold, put away Vac the downstairs Bring trash cans in Sweep front porch, back deck and patio Check gas prices on Errands - Bank, library, grocery store, get gas :( Get names ready for tomorrow's giveaway on my other blog I'd also like to do some sewing today, but that may have to wait until the evening. I may try and do some weeding of the front garden while I'm waiting for loads of laundry to finish as well. Dinner tonight will be chicken breasts on the grill and salad. Busy day! But I'm back on track now that I got rid of my "bad ju-ju" notebook and once again start my day with a written To Do List! Happy May 1st!

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Jessica said...

Great blog! Really enjoy it! I saw that you're from Southwestern Ohio! I'm from Southeastern Indiana and used to live in Cincinnati! What part of Southwestern Ohio are you from?