May 3, 2008

My kids are the Best - no, REALLY!

My birthday always falls very close to or on Mother's Day. When my kids were little to celebrate my birthday, we'd sometimes have a "Hookie Day" where I'd call off work and call the school and tell them the kids weren't coming and why -- and we'd go do something fun -- usually the Cincinnati Zoo -- for the day.

So this year, I decided it would be fun to reinstate that old custom, and talked to both kids on the phone, and told them for this year's Mother's Day/Birthday celebration, I would like a card (I love cards), but in lieu of a gift I really, really wanted them to take the money they'd spend and go do something FUN. Both of them work hard, have terrific families, and I'm really really proud of both of them and what they've accomplished. I wasn't trying to be a martyr or one of THOSE mothers who holds her hand to her forehead and says, "Oooooh, don't worry about buying me a gift... you save your money." Shoot, no. Next year I might be asking them for a Lexus. But THIS year I had it in my head and in my heart that I wanted them to celebrate my day(s) by actually having fun and celebrating! To be honest, I'm not so sure either one of them "got it" when I talked with them and I kind of got a "My mom is SO nuts"

Yesterday I was sitting at the computer and saw a van pull up in the driveway. A florist's van?? A lady walked up to my door and I knew -- since it wasn't Mother's Day, wasn't my birthday -- that she had the wrong house. It's happened before. (Is there ANYthing more disappointing than having flowers delivered to your door to find out they aren't for you? Eeeek!) But lo and behold, the flowers were for me, and they came with this card:
Mom -
We will go and have fun for you on your day,
but we can't just let these days slip away!
Here's a gift from us to you,
just because we appreciate all that you do!
Love, JJ and Mary

See? Toldja they were the best!


Karen :) said...

Isn't it amazing when your kids do thoughtful, wonderful things for you? Just goes to show they were brought up right! Happy Birthday/Mother's Day!

Tipper said...

Oh so sweet!