May 21, 2008

My Frugal Mailbox

Now that I'm making an effort to take advantage of "freebies" and samples, going to the mail box every day is turning into an adventure. Just look what yesterday's mailbox brought me.

The book, The Pursuit of Happyness, is one I received in exchange for my listing books on What a great way to get books to read at my leisure this summer! The Food & Family magazine is packed with great recipes for summer. It's a really great FREE magazine, and includes many coupons for Kraft foods. You can sign up for it here. The Kroger book has some great $1 and $2 coupons. An Icy Hot Patch - just in time to help my back through more weeding! Oh, and the $700+ refund check the government owed us. Last is the little tiny package in the bottom right hand corner. This is what that little package contained:

Aren't they sweet?!? They are "tokens" -- A Wish Token and a Guardian Angel token, from the Inspire Company web site. If you check it out, be sure and check out Amy's blog while you're there. I fell in love with these tokens the second I saw them. One of the Guardian Angel tokens will be for Brayden's "treasure bag". The others will be squirreled away until just the right time -- probably to include as a little surprise with a note or card to a friend. I may have to buy some more -- they would be so sweet to tie onto birthday or Christmas gift tags!

Here's a photo of Joey, the Killer Cat. Doesn't look like much of a killer here, does he? Jeff had the heating pad out for his back, and Joey discovered if he wiggled his way in backwards, he could share the heat!


Karen said...

I get that Kraft Food and Family magazine and I love it! Last month I made six of the recipes! This month so far I made the quesadilla's and they were yummy! Of course, I substitute store brands for all the Kraft stuff to save money!
I didn't get my government check yet :( Tag's SS# starts with 9 so we'll be last. Of course I've already spent it more ways than I can count!
Karen :)

Pamela said...

Good Morning -- looks like you have been having a good mail time, instead of all the usual throw aways. I loved the Inspiration site, thanks for passing it along. I stopped getting free samples through the mail because I found that I was getting way too much packaging with the sample and could not justify the waste. Maybe because the companies are jumping on the "green" bandwagon, I should try again. Many thanks again for your time to input all the good things and also for sharing your life with us readers. Pamela