May 5, 2008

Monday's To Do List

Here's my To Do list for the day:
  • -- Laundry - wash, hang out, fold, put away - done
  • -- Empty all upstairs trash - done
  • -- Change sheets in master bedroom
  • -- Jeff's breakfast - done
  • -- Pack Jeff's lunch - done
  • -- Clean up kitchen - done
  • -- Run dishwasher - done
  • -- Dishes away - done
  • -- Clean cat box
  • -- Vac upstairs - done yesterday
  • -- Clean both upstairs bathrooms - done
  • -- Task from My Simpler Life blog - "Declutter kitchen island". Since I don't have an island, I'm decluttering and cleaning under my kitchen sink - done
Pretty short list, so I should have some time to do more weeding today.


Got a phone call at 10am - Mary had to take Brayden to the doctor for a very croupy cough - and could he come visit Umma after the doctor's visit so Mary could go to work for a few hours? Of course -- that's what Umma's are for! Luckily, I'd gotten most of my To Do List done before he arrived, and he hung out in the yard while I hung clothes on the clothes line. Today he rode his tricycle by himself for the first time - such a big guy now. He wasn't very sick in the A.M., but once he layed down for his nap, he started with the croupy cough again. Doctor said it wasn't bronchitis this time - just a croupy cough that should clear up quickly on meds.

I haven't posted a picture of Brayden for awhile, so here he is! (Taken last week)

Picking dandelions - his favorite flower.

With his favorite guy - Umpa. His new t-shirt says "My favorite thing at Grandma's house is Grandpa!" and boy, is it!

Look! He has a moustache just like Umpa!


Tipper said...

Thanks for sharing your tips and pointing us to the other blog.

Happy weeding!

Tipper said...

Hope Brayden is feeling better soon!