May 8, 2008

American Idol's cutie-patootie is gone

OK, pardon the ramblings of an ol' lady here, but I am sincerely going to miss Jason Castro on American Idol! I haven't seen the elimination show yet (I have it on DVR to watch tonight), but it's hard to get on the web and not find out who left.

I admit to being a Jason fan. Was he the best? No, unfortunately. But Jason has talent and with the right manager and song writer, I do think he'll go far in the music industry. Besides, HOW CUTE IS HE?!?!?! lol! I didn't care what he sang, I just wanted to see him do that shy smile thang of his!

Best singer? David Cooke, by a long shot. His rendition of "Teenage Wasteland" (or whatever the title was) would make me go out and buy his CD on that song alone. (Let's not forget I've been rockin' and rollin' since the 70's!) The other David is really good, but I honestly haven't heard a song yet that would make me go out and buy a CD of his. Syesha? She's great, but in more of a Broadway singer style than a pop singer. She has surprised me the past few weeks, but I think it's obvious she'd prefer to be in theater.

And YIPPY! So You Think You Can Dance is starting back up on May 22! I love that show! I am just in awe of those hip-hop dancers that are suddenly confronted with the technique of ballroom dancing! I'm really looking forward to watching it.

So now the question is -- do I influence my grandson to become a future American Idol contestant, a dancer, or a NASCAR driver... decisions, decisions. I guess I better let him decide!


Tipper said...

Jason was my girls favorite too. He wasn't the best singer but he was so likeable. They fell asleep before it ended so I told them this morning. This is only the 2nd year we have watched-I really like watching from the beginning and seeing what happens to them all. I agree with you about David Cook.

Lisa said...

I didn't like how Jason's personality seemed to get more "DUHHH" as the show went on. Like, in the beginning, he seemed shy, laid-back, and cool, and at the end he seemed like he was trying to sound like a doofus. I didn't think that was a good transformation for him. He would have done better with more confidence and effort. Either lack of self-confidence or lack of caring -- and which one is worse?'re not the only one who thinks he is super cute!

karen said...

I agree that Jason is adorable and I think he'll do fine with the "tween" set. It was kind of odd that he seemed to become more of a "dufus" as time went on. I really think he was in over his head and sabotaged himself a little. In the elimination show he actually said he was relieved to be voted out because they have to do three songs next week and he didn't think he could do it.
And David Archuletta should win! He's got an awesome natural voice and he's adorable besides!