Apr 28, 2008

True confessions

I'm not sure how it happened or when it happened, but I slipped. I somehow slipped away from the daily To Do list that I've been doing every single day for the past five or six years. And without my To Do list, I've slipped in my housework and in my gardening! Right now my house is dusty, my bathrooms are dirty, and sheets haven't been changed for two weeks! My To Do List apparently keeps me on track. I rarely don't complete my daily To Do List. But without that list, I apparently rarely complete anything. I know I've been working on my blog(s) a lot lately, and I admit to playing way too many hours of computer games! So this morning I got out a new notebook and threw away the old one. I think it had bad ju-ju! Today's TO DO LIST (which I WILL complete): -- Change masterbedroom sheets -- Clean two upstairs bathrooms, including tiles -- Wash bathroom floors -- Empty upstairs trash -- Dust masterbedroom and quilt room -- Vac upstairs -- Vac stairs and wipe down baseboards I'll concentrate on the upstairs today, and the downstairs on Thursday. No more computer until all To Do tasks are completed. I feel better already.

1 comment:

Tipper said...

You are so right. When I "stray" from my weekly cleaning duties I feel so out of wack and of course the dirty house gets on my nerves!

I loved your idea about reusing the bags they give you at the store. Now if I could just do it.