Apr 6, 2008

Spring has sprung

Spring has hit full tilt here in southwestern Ohio, and I'm loving it. It was warm enough yesterday to hang out laundry for the first time! I did three loads of laundry, so that's three times the dryer was NOT used. I'm thinking of keeping track. I have two loads of sheets to do today, and almost can't wait to climb into bed with those fresh smelling sheets. Now that I think of it, I should probably wash the blanket and quilt that are on the bed as well -- and have a fresh start. Mmmmmm...

I spent the evening sewing last night... you can see the results on my other blog. I was more "productive" yesterday than I've been in awhile.. yay! It felt good. I hope to get back in there today for a few more hours.

Today I'm headed out grocery shopping, specials and coupons in hand. Our local Krogers is having a 10 for $10 sale, where you then get $5 back for your next grocery shopping, with a maximum of $15. I made sure to add to my grocery list ONLY those items I buy on a regular basis (I try not to be a "it's on sale so I must have it" kind of shopper), and I will still get the entire $15 off. I also went to manufacturer's websites to look for coupons for what was on sale, and found several to print off. I'll get to my grocery bill goal of $65 this week, I think.

I made a Spring wreath for the front door. The wreath was fairly low cost -- $2 for a grapevine wreath (with 50% coupon from Michaels - which is $2 too much considering I could have walked out to my garden and picked my own grapevines.. duh), 5 stems of forysthia at .65 each (Michaels, on sale) and some Spring-green ribbon I already had. So for under $6 I have a beautiful Spring wreath on my front door! (I also made a big bow of the green ribbon, but the ribbon is so thin that it just looked like a giant green dead spider on the wreath -- I took it off.)

I also need to run to the next town's local library. Our library no longer carries the free downloadable audio books (boooo!), so now I have a .wma file player without anything to listen to. Luckily, both the Mason and Cincinnati Public Libraries have them, and I can get cards at both. I do miss listening to audio books while doing housework, though I've been turning on Sirius radio and listening to that while I clean -- but it's not the same.

Spring cleaning is still ongoing, but progressing. I'm thinking I might talk to Jeff about hiring someone to come do the outside windows. We bought this house a few years before the new windows came out that allow you to clean the outside of the window from the inside -- boy, would I love those! And in the next few years we will have to replace all our windows. But until then, the dirty outside windows drive me crazy and Jeff hates climbing a ladder to wash them as often as I'd like. Talking about paying for someone to do them will accomplish getting the windows cleaned -- whether it's by actually hiring someone OR by Jeff mumbling "No, I can do it...." is yet to be seen. (Marriage tip to the newlyweds out there -- this is how you get things done without seeming pushy -- always let him think it's his idea!)

Well, off to hang more laundry, and then grocery shopping before the church crowd floods the store!


tipper said...

You have the best tips! I have got 2 bedrooms "spring cleaned" but still have the rest of the house-but you are inspiring me to get to it. It does feel so much better when its clean and fresh with different curtains and linens. I am lucky in that department because my Mom is a big sewer and a pack rat so I have plenty of linens to choose from given to me by her.

I enjoyed the post about saving money at the grocery store too. I have been trying to cut back but I need to try harder. In my area there isn't any of the chain stores you mentioned but I know I could look harder for local coupons.

Joan said...

Thank you, Tipper. It's always nice to read your comments. I'm making progress on my Spring cleaning too, but the Spring weather keeps pulling me outdoors! No fair!

There's a link in the right hand column of my blog for that Money Saving Moms blog - check it out. They have all sorts of stores listed, not just Krogers. Good luck!