Apr 14, 2008

Menu planning, To Do List

My To Do List today is a continuation of my Spring cleaning efforts. --Defrost chest freezer, organize, write down inventory --Clean, organize refrigerator freezer, write down inventory --Wash, dry, fold, put away slipcovers - done --Change masterbedroom sheets - done --Clean both coffee pots --Get bread machine out, clean, make bread --Find box of cookbooks in basement This Week's Menu Planning - still working on the two weeks of menu's I wrote last week. This is what's left: Mon - Baked chicken, noodles, vegetable (bake extra chicken) Tues - Stir fry with l/o chicken, egg rolls Wed - Tuna casserole, salad Thurs - Spaghetti, meatballs, salad Fri - Crockpot soup*, cornbread Sat - Out to eat Sun - Breakfast for dinner - ham, cheese, green pepper* omelettes, toast *Crockpot soup is going to be the result of finding out exactly what I have in my freezers today. I know I've been stowing away beef and turkey bones, and possibly a ham bone or two. I also put little bits of leftover veggies in a ziploc bag, and think I have two or three of those in the freezer as well. Everything will go in the crockpot, additions made as necessary, and we'll have soup, part of which will go back in the freezer, and part that will go for Jeff's lunches. We may actually eat quite a bit of soup in the next few weeks, as we rarely eat soup once the heat of summer gets here. I found a good deal on green peppers while at Jungle Jim's yesterday. They have an area in the store for veggies that have "gone by" but I found two very large green peppers that were blemish-free, for 72 cents. Green peppers right now are $1.29 each a Krogers, and about half the size of the Jungle Jim's peppers. I cut both peppers into strips and placed one set of strips in a ziploc bag (with paper towel) in the vegetable drawer to use this week, and the second set of into the freezer (I first freeze them on a cookie tray, then place them in a ziploc bag when they are frozen -- then they don't stick together and you can't take out just what you need).

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