Apr 12, 2008

Live and Learn

I don't normally cuss, swear, use bad language, etc. I haven't since my kids were babies and I knew what I said was going to be coming out of their mouths at the most inopportune time. It's a lesson every parent needs to make note of. There are occassions (stubbing a toe, dropping a favorite cup...) when a cuss word slips. Yesterday was babysitting day. Brayden Lee was here bright and early and we had a nice day. The morning was spent doing some housework because the rain kept us inside. In the afternoon the sun came out but the yard was wet and muddy, so I took him out on the back deck and patio to play for awhile. Jeff came home and he and I sat and had coffee while Brayden played nearby. One of Brayden's favorite things to do is have me fill a small squirt bottle with water, and let him spray anything he wants outside. Anything but ME, of course... Jeff and I were talking and Brayden was squirting and all was well. Brayden suddenly appeared at my side with the first "evil grin" I've seen on his precious little face...and said, "Spray Umma..." and promptly got me full-spray square in the face! Yes, it was funny and we laughed but my knee-jerk reaction was "S - H - I - T!" as I mopped my face off. Lest you think I let the word slide in front of my grandson... I SPELLED IT OUT. I got my word out, got my reaction released...safe and sound. A minute later Brayden is climbing up into one of the patio chairs, turns to lean on the patio table, reaches for his car...and says.... S - H - I - T. LOL!!! I mean, that kid SPELLED OUT THE WORD LETTER BY LETTER! He did it in a way that made it sound like a word... "EsssAitchEyeTea". And, as he is prone to do when he's focusing on learning a new word... promptly repeated it over and over! To my daughter (whom I am always chastising about swearing in front of Brayden), I apologize. (I didn't actually tell her about all this in hopes that if she heard him say "EssAitchEyeTea" it wouldn't be clear enough for her to understand what he was saying.... LOL.. OK, I'm bad.) You know what's going to happen next week when I take him to Story Hour, right? Grandparental lesson learned.


Lisa said...

You forgot to put Joey on your slideshow! LOL...if I made a slideshow it would probably be 80% cute pics of Nadya! :)

Kim said...

Oh that is too funny!