Apr 22, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I saw this on Kim's blog The Random Ramblings of a Working Mom and thought it was a great idea!

My Kitchen Tip for the day is to find things you do over and over again, and do it once. For example, we drink a LOT of coffee around this house. Three pots a day at least, weekends it's four or five pots. So when I get out the coffee and the coffee filters, I place 4 or 5 filters out on the counter, and scoop the appropriate amount of coffee into each filter. I then just bunch them up at the top of the filter, and put them in the cupboard over the coffeepot. The next time we want coffee, we just need to grab a filter with coffee already in place. (For some weird reason, Jeff and I call these "pre-paid" -- as in "there's prepaid coffee's up there if you're making coffee") It actually saves time and it's much more convenient than having to get out the filters, get out the can of coffee, etc.!

Another place I do this is the dishwasher. When we put silverware in the dishwasher, all the knives go in one section of the basket, the forks in another, spoons in a third, etc. So when I go to put the dishes away (and it's ALWAYS me!), I just grab all the knives from their basket at once - no sorting, just put them in their appropriate slot in the drawer. I guess more than saving time, it saves thinking! LOL


Lisa said...

OK, #1 - your kitchen tip is a good one. I'll have to think of ways that I can consolidate.

#2 - You must have known that you were not going to escape Daughter-In-Law Issued Nagging (DILIN) on this one. FIVE pots of coffee per day? For even the weakest brewed coffee, that is like 1500 mg of caffeine each! I can't believe you are not completely fatigued with that consumption...let alone the long-term health consequences. I'm sure you already know it. < /nag >

:) - Lisa

Tipper said...

Love the tips-the dishwasher one kinda makes me think "why on earth did I not think of that duh?"

Tipper said...

Sorry if I'm leaving this twice (my computer is acting up). I love the tips-the dishwasher one makes me wonder why I didn't think of that duh. I like the slide show pics too. He is so cute!

pampapa said...

I have really just discovered this blog. I jumped over from your quilt blog, which I also enjoy immensely. Tip #1 would be a great idea if we drank that amount of coffee, it is done that way in restaurants to save time. Tip #2 I have always done since we got the dishwasher. Just made sense to me. Thanks for taking your time to keep us entertained and informed. Pamela

The Calico Quilter said...

Everyone who has commented about the dishwasher tip must have a better dishwasher than mine. If I put all the spoons in the same utensil basket slot, for example, all they do is cling together like limpets and none get clean. The dishwasher manual even said to separate types of utensils when loading so this doesn't happen. It's a basket in the door type dishwasher, so maybe that makes a difference. Sigh. It was such a good idea.