Mar 24, 2008

The Upcoming Week - List

It's going to be a busy week. Brayden's other babysitter is taking some time off while her kids are on Spring break, so I have DGS 2 yr old Brayden Wed., Thurs., and Friday this week. I also now have my car back (yay!), and the weather is supposed to be reasonably nice all week, with a little rain toward the end of the week. To Do List for the week: Monday - Clean up kitchen - done - Quick clean upstairs bathrooms - Laundry - done - Quilting Tuesday - Errands - hair cut, bank, WallyWorld - Vac downstairs - Change sheets - More quilting Wednesday* - Story hour at library - 10:15 - Car wash - Lunch at McDonald's - Laundry - Collect and take out all trash Thursday* - Yard work - Load dishwasher - Empty dishwasher Friday (rain)* - Sewing - Sweep kitchen - Dust dining room - Windex appliances, patio door * Days when Brayden is here -- I try and do housework that he can help me with. The kid wields a mean bottle of windex and a paper towel, so I set him up to clean my stove, dishwasher and refrigerator! He also loves working out in the yard and has his own wheelbarrow, so we can start Spring cleaning the front gardens if it's warm enough outside. Should be fun, but I know it will be exhausting. Luckily, he takes nice long afternoon naps and "Umpa" will be working from home two days this week.

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