Mar 6, 2008

A month of lists

I joined the National Blog Posting Month web site today for a little blog inspiration (yeah, I know - I write too much already! LOL). The goal is to post every day for the entire month of March. I'm starting late, but I can catch up! The "theme" of this month is LISTS. So here is my first list. Today's List - Housework I hate to do but do anyway
  1. Wiping baseboards
  2. Vac'ing stairs
  3. Cleaning bathtubs
  4. Washing outside windows*
  5. Dusting the rungs of my dining room chairs (fairly ornate)
  6. Cleaning mini blinds*
  7. Washing floors (hurts my back)*
  8. Filing household paperwork
  9. Bringing empty trashcans in from the curb
  10. Defrosting the chest freezer

* Hmmm.. I realized as I read these that I actually DON'T do them - Jeff does! He's pretty good about doing the household chores I really don't like to do.. Guess I need to mention those baseboards to him -- they could use a good cleaning! :)

Join me - make a list - any list! Leave a comment here that you did a list and I'll come read it. How's that for incentive?? LOL

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