Mar 8, 2008

The Blizzard of '08

Yes, that's right. We've been hit by a blizzard! I've lived in Cincinnati for 20 years now, and this is the first time I can remember a "Blizzard Warning" instead of a "Winter Storm Warning". The snow started around 11am yesterday and it's still going strong. We've got about 10 inches of snow so far, with another 4-6 inches still to come. Winds are high (up to 40mph), temperatures are cold (18 degrees without wind chill), and it's snowing like crazy.

Our town (about 20 miles north of Cincinnati) has announced a Level 3 snow emergency, which means everyone must stay off the roads except for emergencies. I can't imagine how long it will be before the roads are cleared enough to go out again. I know the last time we had a decent snow (more than 6 inches) schools were closed for a week.

The New Englander in me thinks it sure is pretty around here! And I know the high snow drifts (see pic at right) will help insulate our house against the cold temp's. Southwestern Ohio houses are insulated all that well and cold weather and winds like this really creep in -- and keep that heat pump running! We'll be keeping the thermostat set at 65 in an attempt to prevent the electric heat from kicking in.

Joey the killer cat has not seen snow like this before. He went charging out the front door first thing this morning and probably sunk up to his shoulders and go stuck. I thought I was going to have to go out and rescue him, but he clammered his way back in the door.

We are VERY fortunate to have the world's nicest neighbor, who brings his snow blower to clean our driveway. Thanks, Harold! For the last snow storm, I made him a pan of brownies to say Thank You -- I'll have to think of something extra special to say thank you for this one!

My list for Today: What I love/hate about snow:

  1. It's really pretty to look at!
  2. There are no train whistles or traffic sounds in my back yard -- all is quiet.
  3. We have a generous neighbor who brings his snowblower to clean our driveway.
  4. Jeff and I can't go anywhere and it's always nice to have an excuse to stay home.
  5. In Ohio if you can just stay in for a day or two the temps will rise enough to melt all the snow -- you really don't have to shovel.
  6. Ohio drivers panic at the site of a snowflake.
  7. I live on a cul-de-sac and cul-de-sac's are the last to be plowed - if they ever get plowed.
  8. Joey the killer cat can't go out and is a REAL pain in the butt and has already bitten me twice this morning.
  9. My grandson was supposed to spend the night tonight but "Umma and Umpa's Babysitting Service" has been cancelled due to snow.
  10. I'm a little worried about my daughter's carport caving in under the weight of the snow -- since she has Jeff's car.


karen said...

Wow....ten inches of snow is a blizzard? In NH that's just an inconvenience. School would be cancelled for the one day it snowed and we'd be out and about the next!! Luckily for us, they're saying all that junk that you got is only going to be rain by the time it gets here.....just some big deal!

karen said...

I put up a liston my blog Joan. I don't think I'll be able to keep it up all month, but check it out.

Jeff said...

Part of me is jealous of the snow... but a much larger part of me is enjoying 60 and sunny. =)