Feb 4, 2008

Monday's To Do List

My To Do list isn't all that long today, so I hope to get through it early and move on to some quilting. The temperatures today are to be in the mid-50's, so this afternoon I want to turn the heat off and open windows and air out the house -- at least for 30 minutes or so. Nothing like fresh air to make a house feel clean! I may even grab a cup of coffee this afternoon and go sit on the deck and do some hand quilting for a bit (actually, in this case, it's UN-hand quilting as I'm ripping out a quilt that needs to be re-quilted!). My To Do List -- Make bed - done -- Jeff's breakfast - done -- Pack Jeff's lunch - done -- Clean kitchen, run dishwasher, empty trash -- Vac downstairs -- Dust dining room -- Clean upstairs bathrooms -- Cobweb patrol* upstairs and down -- Windex front and back doors, outside windows I can reach -- Freeze leftover chicken soup * Cobweb patrol is simply walking around the house with a long-handled dusting brush and sweeping out room corners, tops of draperies and curtains, and light fixtures. That's not bad - maybe two hours of work at the most, if I stay focused. (Repeating to myself, "Stay OFF the computer...stay OFF the computer..." I also want to find a recipe (oops - so much for "stay off the computer"....) for something sweet but not over-the-top sugary. Jeff has a real sweet tooth, and I've not been buying any kind of desserts since the first of the year, with the exception of sugar-free cookies for his lunch. Maybe I'll make some kind of baked fruit with a crumble crust and some sugar free whipped cream... Not sure yet, but I would like to bake something for him. I know if I mix 1/3 splenda with 1/3 stevia and 1/3 sugar I can cut the sugar dramatically from almost any recipe and still have the end result with a good sweet taste... We'll see what I can come up with. If my sister Sarah is reading this - Hi Sarah! So glad to hear you're home and recovering from your surgery!!! I have a letter almost ready to mail to you -- hopefully I'll get it done before our mail lady arrives this afternoon, but if not, definitely in the mail to you tomorrow. And thanks for those things you mailed to me -- I'll make sure Gail gets her stuff, but I have no idea where Rick is. Big hug!!! Now go lay down and rest some more! (Shaking my MOM finger at you!) Not to bring up the whole buying-a-car-for-Mary incident again, but I saw this quote this morning and thought to myself, "That's why I don't mind helping Mary buy a car." She's been through the clouds and the rain in her life - but the rain clouds have almost passed her by and it's time for her to begin the harvest. "Truths are first clouds; then rain, then harvest and food." — Henry Ward Beecher It's going to be a GOOD productive day! I can feel it already... Enjoy it everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. Yes, I'm resting. I can't wait till I am back to "normal". It has been so long since I've felt good.