Jan 19, 2008

A Nice Day with my Honey

Understand, my husband has been working at least 80 hours a week, sometimes more than 100 hours per week, since mid-December -- this includes weekends, holidays, vacation days (I'm serious! He was on vacation for a week and worked from home every day!) and every day in between. I know he sometimes has to do this -- it's the nature of the beast with his line of work and because his employer is the world-wide business model for running a major corporation with the fewest possible number of employees. Doesn't matter, of course, that the employees are all overworked and over-stressed -- it just matters that they are the model for others on how few employees you can get by with.. But I digress.
Yesterday was actually the first day he has had work-free for almost 2 months. It was my regularly scheduled day to babysit for Brayden, so "Umpa" got to spend some nice time with his grandson, and "Umma" got a bit of a break.
But today, today was so nice. Jeff and I drove up to Dayton to Mendelson's (kind of a salvage, junk, discount, overstock store in a giant warehouse that takes several hours to walk around). I bought some large (18 x 24) parchment paper to copy some purse patterns onto, a snow shovel for Brayden, and some hook and loop closures for purses. Jeff bought some photo albums for his collections.
We then decided to go out for lunch, and ended up at the 2nd Street Public Market in Dayton. It's kind of an indoor farmer's market, with many craft stalls and food stalls, fresh flowers, jewelry and purses, etc. We had a really good bowl of soup there, and later a fairly good cup of coffee. We just enjoyed walking around and looking. Many different foods to try, but after the hearty soup, we weren't hungry. Definitely a place to go back to! I've been to their web site since we've come home, and found that in warmer weather months their priority is locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as gardening plants and flowers. I can't wait to try this place again!
When we came home, Mary called and asked if we would babysit for a few hours so she and her friend Rachael could go out to eat. Since it was just for a short time, we agreed, and Brayden was here once again. Brayden's vocabularly is increasing so fast, it's just plain fun to watch. Today he said, "Up we go!" when we went upstairs, as well as the words "purple" "Ice" and "bump bump". He's at such a fun age, it's hard to stay away from him. He and Jeff place "race cars" up in Jeff's office. They each get one of Jeff's NASCAR collectible cars and race them across the office. Jeff has always let Brayden win, but today introduced the concept of NOT winning to Brayden, and he took it well. He even clapped for "Umpa" when he won!
Tonight we just sat and watched a bit of TV together -- again, something we really haven't been able to do for a few months -- and it was nice to just relax and enjoy having nothing pressing or stressing. Thirty years of marriage and Jeff is still the person I prefer above all others to spend my free time with -- how cool is that??? LOL

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