Jan 1, 2008

It's a NEW Year - Welcome, 2008!

Woooo Hoooo! It's a new year! A new day! A new beginning! One of my all time favorite quotes (paraphrased because I've repeated it SO often to my family that I no longer remember what the EXACT quote is!):
"It's a new day, a new beginning. You can't change what happened yesterday, you can only learn from it and move forward." M. Scott Peck, MD
THAT is why I always love the "New Year". It's such a fresh start. Wipe that slate clean and move on! Last year is done and gone. Don't look back. Look forward with great anticipation of what is yet to come.
I am going to make an official New Year's Resolution (unlike all the "Personal Changes in 2008" I listed in a previous post). I am going HOME some time this year. I am going back to visit friends and family in New Hampshire some time this year. I come from the most beautiful small New Hampshire town, Bradford. It's picture postcard New England with tall pine trees (actually officially the state's tallest pine trees!), white-spired church in the center of town, beautiful old colonial homes, a covered bridge... and the warmest, friendliest people in the world.
And every year about this time I get utterly and completely homesick. Well, now and in the Fall, when New Hampshire is quite possibly the most spectacular place on earth in all it's Fall colors. Or maybe it's Spring when the Lilacs first come into bloom... or maybe I'm just home sick year round!
I have written in the past about my life-long friends, Paul and Tricia. There are no better friends than these two, despite the fact we don't stay in close contact and we don't get to visit very often -- and yet, I know they are there and hopefully, they know I'm here for them as well. When we were young, we always swore we'd someday sit in front porch rocking chairs together and share our "golden years" with each other. I've never forgotten that, and never given up on that dream.
So I proclaim, SOME time this year, I am going home. "Home is where the heart is" and my heart has always been and will always be in New Hampshire.

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