Dec 3, 2007

Two magical hours

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to see Mary and Brayden at their house. After visiting for a half hour or so, I asked Brayden if he wanted to go to Jungle Jim's and, of course, he said "Ssssss..." which is YES. LOL So off we went. There are grocery stores and then there are grocery shopping experiences and Jungle Jim's is definitely the latter. I had a small list of things that I needed to buy, but we were going there more for the experience than the shopping...and we had an absolute ball. Brayden quickly decided he liked the concept of "free samples"... which Jungle Jim's is known for. Brayden is not normally willing to try new foods, so I was surprised when he tried the following samples: Spiced turkey (didn't like it), Boarshead American cheese (loved it), oriental cole slaw (loved it), green olives (didn't like it - spit it out faster than it went in), artichoke (ate it but wasn't sure about it), water crackers (loved them), brie cheese (liked it but preferred his cracker without it), two kinds of oranges (loved them), chocolate English cookie wafers (REALLY loved them!), vaniall orea-style cookie (what's not to like?), and pepperoni pizza (gave up his second cookie for pizza). While shopping, he picked out the following to take home with him: a granny smith apple, a naval orange, a package of grapes, two kiwi's, and bananas. When we got to the store, I gave him a "job" of finding the bananas. My goodness, he got so excited when he finally saw them! LOL I also bought him a half-pound of the American cheese he liked so much. He also saw so many things that made him smile: A (real) stop light in the middle of the store, two kinds of live fish, live lobsters, larger-than-life rabbit and duck that played music, monkeys, elephants that sprayed water out their trunks, more elephants, a giraffe, and lots more. I bought just four bags of groceries but had two great hours with my grandson. We laughed, we giggled, we learned and we just plain enjoyed our time together!

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