Dec 5, 2007

Our first romp in the snow

About 4:00 pm today (after his 3 1/2 hour nap!), Brayden and I headed out in the cold and snow -- for his first time playing in the snow. I bundled him up -- while he was napping I cut up some leftover fleece I had for a quick scarf from him -- and hi ho hi ho, off to the snow. In total, we had about an inch and a half of snow, which was just right for his first adventure. I showed him how to make a snowball. He didn't like the "making" part so much as the throwing part -- and Umma was automatically the target of his first throw! We shovelled the walkway and the upper part of the driveway. He did like shovelling, but liked even more showing me the spots I'd missed. He did not like the little snowbanks we created when we shovelled, and set out to un-shovel those. He liked walking in the deeper parts of the snow -- and walking backwards seemed even more adventurous! I really need to get a sled soon! By the way, that hat was his Uncle Jeff's -- at least 15 years old or more!

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