Dec 29, 2007


The new year is fast approaching, and I have promised myself that I will be making some personal changes in 2008. The past six months have, health-wise, been absolutely absurd. I have had six bouts of bronchitis and one of borderline pneumonia and I am tired tired tired of being sick and I am tired tired tired of having absolutely no energy. I am normally a high energy person and all this illness has reduced my energy levels to almost zero. I do not want to live like this! The necessary changes have nothing to do with New Year's Resolutions. These are changes I personally need to make to get back to good physical, mental and even spiritual health. I am going to think of this as a one-step-at-a-time path back to good health. I can't look at a list of (fairly drastic) changes and think I can do them all at once or overnight. I will keep the "long term goals" in mind as I make short-term changes, step by step. My overall (long term) goals for 2008: -- (Physical) Schedule a complete physical with my doctor and discuss the lack of energy, building up my immunity, etc. -- (Physical) Build up my immunity against germs and diseases by taking a wide spectrum of vitamins, and -- (Physical) Eat a more healthy, balanced diet, cutting out white sugar and white flour, decreasing red meats, and increasing vegetables, fruits, and fiber. -- (Physical) Build up my energy levels and physical stamina by returning to a scheduled exercise program. -- (Physical) Decrease smoking gradually with a one year goal of quitting smoking. -- (Mental) Commit to taking more photos to share with friends and family. -- (Mental) Remember to enjoy every day for what it offers. -- (Mental) Schedule mini-vacations with Jeff and get away more often. -- (Mental) Respond to my creative side by doing more sewing and quilting on a regular basis. -- (Monetary) Return to work - at least some kind of part time job. -- (Monetary) Return to selling on Ebay on a consistent basis. -- (Spiritual) Commit to keeping in touch more often with dear friends and family. -- (Spiritual) Look into some type of volunteer work. First Steps: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So I need to plan my first steps to accomplishing my long term goals, one step at a time. My first goal is to get the following done by January 15th: 1. Make an appointment for physical, including pap smear and mammogram. 2. Get a schedule of classes from the fitness center, choose one. 3. Purchase vitamins. 4. Count number of cigarettes smoked each day. 5. Sit down and plan menus and grocery shopping 1 week in advance. 6. Talk w/Jeff about work schedule and pencil in a 3-day vacation slot within the next 2 months. 7. Make 2 phone calls, write 2 letters to family and friends. 8. Post 10 items on Ebay. 9. Buy Sunday paper to look for PT job and volunteer work. 10. Plan my next quilt/sewing project. Just having written all this out gives me a sense of commitment. My slogan is "2008 - It's not too late!" LOL

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