Oct 22, 2007

Back to real life

Vacation is over -- Jeff has gone back to work. Blogger won't upload my vacation pics. Life is pretty much back to normal! LOL Today the name of the game is to get my house back in shape, although I did spend most of Saturday cleaning and vac'ing, and catching up on laundry, so it's not too bad. To Do List -- Mail birthday card to Gail -- Add chemicals to hot tub (we changed the water yesterday) -- Make a large pot of chili (several meals to the freezer) -- Change sheets in master bedroom -- Laundry -- Go to the library -- Work on round robin log cabin blocks -- Empty all downstairs trash and take out -- Bring up Halloween decorations from basement -- Dust dining room I spent about 3 hours on Saturday cleaning and reorganizing my quilting room. Things had gotten a bit out of hand, which always happens when I get busy in there. I had fabric to fold and put away in appropriate color boxes, patterns to gather up and file, cutters and rulers to be put away in proper areas, and I did a good dusting and vac'ing. I find if this room gets to be a mess, I just don't go in. I need it clean and organized to be productive! Brayden stayed overnight with us Saturday night to give Mary a much-needed break. He'll be 2 years old in March, and seems to be practicing for his Terrible Two's already. It's really not bad, he's just figured out how to ignore people when he doesn't want to hear what you have to say :) LOL But 95% of the time he's still his sweet spirited self, so we can get through the 5% just fine. The weather here in southwestern Ohio is fabulous today. Clear, crisp, cool. We were still in the 90's right up to the middle of last week, so this low 70's and high 60's is quite a dramatic change! I'm hoping to get outside this week and do some Fall prep in the gardens. I have 3 baby pine trees I need to get moved before they get too big to move at all. I'd also like to start moving perennials out of the fenced in garden and out to the center of the backyard -- the beginnings of a bird garden for next year. We'll see how willing my back is to do digging.

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