Sep 4, 2007

Tuesday - life gets back to normal - with a twist!

Well, I expected life to get back to normal today, after Jeff's been on a business trip for a week and then had the long Labor Day weekend. But, as always, never count your chickens around here! He announced last night that he was going to call his boss this morning and see if he could take the week off -- which he is! So this week is an unplanned vacation week. He has some things around the house he wants to do, and on Wed. and Fri. we'll have Brayden all day and we'll get out and do something fun. The week will go quickly, I know. For today, though, I needed to get some housework done. Here's my To Do List: -- Vac downstairs - done -- Vac air return registers - done -- Clean kitchen counters, appliances, sinks - done -- Clean slider rails of patio door - done -- Empty dishwasher - done -- Make bed - done -- Clean my bathroom - done -- Cook breakfast (bacon, cheese omelette) - done -- Wash family room curtains* -- Take car to car wash - done -- Fill fountain with water - done -- Straighten up in quilt room* -- Empty kitchen and downstairs trash - done * Posted at 4:30 pm: Jeff's on vacation, so we ended up going to the Best Buy store to look at Hi-Def TV's (we're getting one - just want to do some research and look around at prices), then looked at wireless internet hook-ups, then looked at the PS3 (he's getting one but the guy told us they have a sale coming up to buy a HDTV and get a PS3 free, so I think we'll wait for that sale.), and he ended up buying NASCAR 2008 for his PS2. We also went to Home Depot and Michael's (all stuff Jeff wanted to get), then we came home and I dropped him off and I headed to the car wash and library. So the curtains and straightening will be on tomorrow's To Do list! An end is in sight for this horrendous hot weather we've been having. Today will again be 95 degrees (which usually turns out to be 98-100) and tomorrow will also be in the mid-90's. But they are forecasting low 80's later this week. Who ever thought low 80's would sound so good! It has been cooler at night - low to mid 60's - so the central air does get a break now and then. This morning I actually have the screen door open in the family room to air the place out a bit, but it's already starting to get warm and I'll have to close it soon before the A/C comes on. This has been a record-breaking hot hot hot summer here in southwestern Ohio. NO rain and everything is brown and dead. I believe I heard we've had 29 days out of 32 with temps over 90 degrees. That's enough for me! I'm ready for Fall! I've got our meals planned for today (Planning means bringing future dreams into the present): Breakfast - Jeff had 3 slices of bacon, cheese omelette -- I had 2 slices of bacon wrapped hot around a 1 oz cheese stick Lunch - Tuna salad on lettuce, hard boiled egg for Jeff Dinner - Lemon Pepper chicken on mixed green salad with tomatoes Sounds great to me!

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